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Automotive Warehouse Distribution Center
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Meet The Politis

Starting as Al's Service Station in the late 1930's, Al's Auto Parts Inc. was established in 1967. After several building additions over the next 20 years, Al's Auto Parts purchased the building in its rear in 1990 to expand its daily operations to meet the needs of its customers. Today, Al's Auto Parts has ample room to warehouse all their products for many years to come.

Al's Auto Parts relishes the relationships it has formed over the years and looks forward to the new ones in the future. Al's is committed to customer satisfaction and strives daily on becoming the best automotive supplier for all your needs. And now, here's Al ...

  Our Founders  
  Alex, 1919-1990 Ruth, 1928-2002  
  Gus & Dan  
  Gus, 1946-2008~Dan  
  Al's Service Station was first located on Main Street in Orange New Jersey in the late 1930's. It had one service bay for all repairs.  
  In the early 1940's, Al's Service Station relocated to 41 Lincoln Ave. Orange New Jersey. It was equipped with three indoor service bays and one outdoor lift. Al's expanded to five bays in the early 1950's.  
  In the early 1950's gas was 17.5 cents a gal.  
  And today ... Al's son, Dan, carries on the family business at their original location on Lincoln Avenue in Orange.  


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